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We are inventive web developers and expert graphic designers

We design, build & fix websites, create perfect artwork, illustrations & imagery
and bring ideas to life, energise brands, and help businesses grow

We’d like to call ourselves Masters of the Digiverse, Visual Ninjas, and Marketing Gurus, but you can call us Web Developers, Website Designers, Graphic Designers and Marketing Consultants. Our expertise lies within the creation of visually stunning graphics and artwork, and the development of websites as online platforms which improve your enquiries, market share and revenue. We are NR21.design, and you are welcome.

Our design studio sits in Fakenham, North Norfolk, with the latest and greatest technology on-hand to bring your ideas and concepts to life, making you look awesome. Here we can host you for design briefings, or share time over video-calls, or we can come to you; we like to completely understand what you want to achieve before we get started, and keep you fully involved and informed as we go, ensuring you get the very best service with results that exceed your expectations.

We Now Offer Social Media!

Looking to increase your social media presence online? Get in touch with our designer today offering set packages, including the Bespoke package which can be designed by yourself. NR21.design will create your accounts, input information into the account and design professional graphics. Once complete, the posting begins!

You might be looking to start your own Business, in-need of a Corporate Identity, Business Cards and a Website; you might be an Existing Company looking to rebrand and freshen-up your image with a new Logo Design, Branded Stationery and Vehicle Graphics; maybe you’ve got a website that isn’t performing and you need one that displays at the top of search engine results (instead of your competitors); perhaps you’re a Wedding Planner or Events Organiser and need Invites printed plus a temporary Event Website; you could be a Restaurant looking for updated Menus, or a Retailer needing Point-of-Sale or Signage – in any case, you’re in the right place, and we can help you with any Branding, Marketing and Advertising you need.

Graphic Design Agency

Our creative graphic designers produce everything from corporate identity suites with logo creation, brand guidelines, colour schemes & branded stationary, to promotional products like pens, mugs & product packaging, plus marketing materials including leaflets, flyers, posters, adverts & point-of-sale. We combine hand-drawn & digital artwork using cutting edge technology bringing brands & ideas to life, helping you stand-out against competitors.

Website Design Agency

We design intelligent, user-friendly experiences (UX) with intuitive user interfaces (UI) that reward online visitors, increase enquiries, and generate sales. Our web developers design & build responsive websites for individuals & sole traders, portfolios for photographers, online stores for retailers, temporary pop-up websites for wedding & event organisers, and web applications for companies seeking a competitive advantage, from domain to online delivery.

Creative Graphic Designers

Meet Richard, your perfectly normal daydream-believer, whose sole purpose in life is to make things look pretty with a purpose. He loves nothing better than taking a client’s brief & turning their idea into some neat little sketches, funky images & bespoke artwork that make his client look truly awesome. Some might say he is a doodler without a proper job, but they haven’t seen this creative creature at work, making masterpieces with InDesign & Illustrator.

Professional Web Developers

Meet Adam, your friendly & approachable coding ninja. You might imagine someone in a dark room, curtains closed, wearing a hoodie, but not this master of the digiverse. He works with clients to bring their businesses to life online, using technology only he understands while using good old fashioned English to communicate properly. From domains and SSL certificates to navigation structure, SEO, UX & UI – he’ll help you understand it all. Easy.

Building Brands from Scratch

Creating a brand from scratch is childsplay, or at least it should be. Corporate identity might sound a little dull, but it should be fun! This is the birth of your next chapter, whether you’re starting a new company or giving your old one a new lease of life. Logo creation is important work, & so is choosing your colour scheme – you need something that resonates with your potential customers & creates the perfect first impression. Got a tiny idea? We’ll expand it.

Branded Stationery & Promo

Putting your brand-in-hand is important for building trust & repeat business. Repetition builds reputation: professional companies have logos & branding – their corporate identity – on their letterheads, compliment slips & business cards, while also sending branded invoices & receipts & giving away promotional pens, mugs & hats. But you also see successful firms branding their company cars, & vans doubling-up as mobile billboards with graphic decals.

Adverts & Marketing Materials

You can have the most attractive logo & a colour scheme to die for, but you need to attract customers to generate sales, so the creation of marketing materials is just as important as getting your branding right in the first place. Wherever you advertise, your ads need to stand out in crowded spaces, stealing the attention of people flicking through newspapers & magazines or passing bus stops & billboards to raise awareness & interest in your company.

Online Market Share

Not all businesses need a shop-front, but they all need good websites. Your online presence does two things: first, it also gives you more opportunities to be found by people looking for your product or service when they might be looking for your competitor online; second, it creates trust in who you are & what you do, while giving potential customers somewhere to learn more about you, in their own time, as they consider a purchase – anytime, anywhere.

Web Redesign & Update

Not all websites are created equally. Some are truly terrible and don’t reflect the hard work & professionalism of the companies they’re meant to represent. Your website should be safe & secure with a current SSL certificate, with engaging content that helps to persuade your potential customers to trust you, your products and your workmanship. You also want to be found on search engines, so good search engine optimised (SEO) content is very important.

Pop-up Event Websites

Most websites are a permanent online presence, at least until they need modernising and refreshing with new content. Some clients need occasional temporary “pop-up” websites, for hosting car dealership Secret Sale RSVPs, or putting on a seasonal seminar or planning a wedding. We can create something bespoke that goes-live for a set period of time, then gets removed. These can be extensions to your existing site or standalone with their own domain.

Promotional Design

Promotional items give your business, product launches, & events the opportunity to physically invade a person’s sphere of influence, putting your brand into their hand, creating top-of-mind brand/service/product/event awareness & increasing the chances of your potential customers becoming actual paying clients. If you want to grow your market share, get out there with some physical promo items, put your brand-in-hand & make it happen.

Point-of-Sale Design

Point-of-Sale items have two jobs in your shop or restaurant. First, they help to create a friendly & familiar atmosphere, tying together your branding messages & making the environment recognisable as yours. Second, they draw attention – from the curbside and within – to products or services you particularly want to push, helping to raise awareness of your unique selling points (USPs) and special offers. Look good & sell more with great POS.

Menu & Brochure Design

Restaurants need menus. Services need brochures. Product lines need catalogues. These can all be online nowadays, forming useful parts of your website – but we all like our creature comforts. There’s something quite wholesome about holding a menu while you decide which pudding you’ll have as a starter, or flicking through holiday brochures to see which hotel has separate pools for parents and kids, then choosing the best looking bikinis from a catalogue.

Creative Content Creation

Luckily websites aren’t made from vegetables, otherwise you’d need to replace & refresh them annoyingly often. But websites do need to be kept fresh & sometimes – when the technology becomes obsolete – they need to be replaced. It is important to keep on top of your website’s data security & performance, but content is King: relevant, search engine optimised (SEO) content that appeals to potential customers & ranks high in search results.

Web Domains & Hosting

Being online is important, & choosing a domain is a crucial part of your branding, but web hosting is an essential part of your online presence. Potential customers expect your website to be live & accessible before you’re open, after you close, & well past your bedtime. It must load really quickly, or they get bored and try your competitor instead. Plus it needs to be safe & secure. From branded domains to fast, reliable website hosting – we’ve got you covered.

Website Bug Fixing

Websites that are difficult to navigate, have mistakes & errors, crash while customers are using them & bug-out during the buying process will make you look terrible. Customers aren’t very loyal & humans are very impatient, so a bad website experience doesn’t bode well for your reputation & doesn’t build trust in your brand. If your site isn’t performing, or needs a health-check, we’ve got the skills to fix, update & modernise your existing website.

Printing & Reproduction

Introducing Fakenham Prepress Solutions

Digital sometimes likes to get physical, and we can’t blame it – if it looks great, why not share it with the rest of the world? Why not make virtual into a reality & get your brand into people’s hands? Free that creativity & let it live in the wild. Some artwork is designed to live online, but other artwork is destined for the outside world. If you love it, set it free! Give your digital creations to a printer, a good one, one you can trust, one we trust – like our sister company. 

It is nice to have sisters. They’re always there for you when you need them. When we call upon our sister company to be there for our clients, there they are, all quick and efficient. Becoming our client makes you a part of our family, part of The Famiglia. So if you need more than just websites & graphic design – some printed leaflets, posters, vinyl banners, van graphics or bunting flags with your logo on them – we can help with it all, from start-to-finish.