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We help companies start from scratch, plus those looking to update their image & rebrand their business. From choosing the right brand name & slogan, to logo designs, colour palettes & brand guidelines, we work to understand what your business means to you, but also what your potential customers will want it to mean to them. NR21.design creates brands that matter, that mean something, that stand out for the right reasons and get you noticed.

Corporate identity is a subject that covers your brand image, the colours that represent you, your logo, the fonts you use & the style in which you communicate with words. It isn’t just choosing a company name & a logo that you like – it is making sure that your branding decisions are recognised by your potential customers as something they like & want to be associated with. Your image & style has to resonate with the people you’re trying to attract.

First impressions count in such a crowded market place, & perception is projection. In other words: what the world thinks of you is determined by the way you portray yourself, the way you carry yourself, the things you wear, the things you say. The same goes for any business – companies are judged on their looks, their perceived personality, the way they come across. So it is important that your brand image aims directly at your target audience.

You need to understand your target audience & develop an understanding of what it is that they want to be associated with, or what will create a bond of trust when they see your brand. The colour scheme you choose to represent your image is crucial, as different colours evoke different feelings & convey different meanings in your marketing messages. Knowing who you think your ideal customers are will help us to create much better branding for you.

We design the following as part of a full Corporate Identity Package, or individually:

We offer a full Corporate Identity Package for £1,500 (£1,250+VAT).

We charge £42/hr (£35/hr+VAT) for individual items or amendments.

Brand Identity

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