Website Bug Fixing Service

There are lots of websites out there, but they aren’t created equally. We’ve all seen those adverts where you can make your own website. Yes, you can build it yourself, but is it going to perform perfectly and deliver the results you need? You’ve probably also got friends that can build you a cheap website, but will it behave itself and show up in search engine results? Some of these websites need a professional touch – someone to fix the bugs others created.

Bug fixing can be necessary for lots of reasons. Maybe you’ve got issues with images not loading properly, or your enquiry form looks like it is working but none of the enquiry emails are coming through to you. Perhaps your navigation menu doesn’t take people to the right page, or certain words are showing up as special characters. Whatever it is, it isn’t going to help you make money from your website. That’s where NR21.design comes in: bug killers.

Bug fixing can also be needed after your website has been breached, or hacked, leaving you and your customers at risk. This is an especially bad place to be. When we make websites, we make sure they are secure, working hard to eliminate known risks and security issues that can bring your website offline or let criminals steal personal details or make uninvited changes to your website’s code. So call us if you need some bug fixing or security upgrades.

Website Bug Fixing Service

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