Secure & Reliable Web Hosting

Web Hosting is essential. Get it right – your website is available to the world every second of every day, always ready to take enquiries and make you money. Get it wrong – you will miss out on opportunities while your site is running slowly or offline. You need hosting that is more than just reliable though – it needs to be safe and secure. Proper web hosting companies provide great uptime, on well-maintained machines, with the latest technology and security.

NR21.design hosts 100+ websites on our secure servers based in the UK. We provide over 99%+ uptime, which is the time your website isn’t offline and useless to you. Technically, you could host your own website on PCs in your home, but you’d be at the mercy of things like power cuts, internet bandwidth, technology overheating, getting old and dying, or simply unplugging it by accident when you plug the Dyson in. Hosting should never ever be DIY.

There are different types of website hosting solutions available: Shared Hosting, Virtual Private Server Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, and Cloud Hosting. Each of these services has pros and cons with various investment points, each suited to different types of websites and their individual needs. For example, local web traffic websites only need a cost-effective shared server, while a multi-national with global traffic needs a more dynamic & robust one.

Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting is good for small websites with local traffic. It is cheap because you’re sharing a server (essentially a computer designed to host websites and serve them to the internet) with hundreds – possibly thousands – of other websites. You share everything without partitions: CPU,  Storage & Memory, and the bandwidth available. The security and maintenance is looked after on the technology, but you are at the mercy of other people’s website security flaws if breached.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting is good for websites that need more power behind them to serve web pages quicker and more often – popular localised websites that might need to grow. Like a Shared Hosting solution, you share a server with other websites, but far less of them, and you’re given a partition within the server that is only yours to utilise. With less websites sharing the CPU, Memory and Storage, your website can perform better, and these servers are scalable.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Hosting is where your website lives on its own server. This isn’t shared. The entire power available from the CPU, all Storage and the full Memory available is all yours, but so is the cost. You’ll also have the cost of professional management to go along with the cost of the maintained technology. But this is quick, and as secure as possible – only your web code can be susceptible to breaches from the outside. If you need to be secure and fly solo, this one’s for you.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting works on an unlimited number of servers acting like one. Your website is hosted on a single server in a virtual partition, but it has the ability to use the full might and power of the network of servers and their overall resources. If one server goes down, the others pick up the slack. This is a dynamic solution that provides the ability to handle higher traffic levels and data demands in a flexible and scalable way, and while this is still sharing, it is sharing supercharged.

Web Hosting & Domains

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