Temporary Event Pop-Up Websites

Events websites, or pop-up websites, are websites needed for a short period of time which are taken offline after their expiry date. These can be an extension of your existing website, or a stand-alone website on its own web domain. They serve a temporary purpose without the need for major changes to your main website, or act as functional marketing tools for one-off events like product/showroom launches or weddings, popping-up then disappearing.

We can work with event organisers, wedding planners, marketing agents and companies to produce short-term pop-up websites for any occasion, taking care of it all. Everything from the domain name purchase and registration, to the temporary web hosting. We’ll work with you to produce a stunning design, then make it live and visible when you want to promote it, and take it offline when planned – these are more cost effective than long-term commitments.

You might need a temporary party or wedding website that acts as an online RSVP with lists for present requests, dress codes and directions to the reception venue and the wedding ceremony, plus links to the nearest transport hubs and hotels. After the wedding you could switch the website off, or you could repurpose it to host photos of your special day. Either way, you’re going to need a web address and somewhere to host the website while it is live.

Your temporary website might need to perform data capture, offer downloadable content like tickets, maps, vouchers or coupons. It might be a single page, or multiple pages for different products, sponsors or locations. Whatever you need it to be, we’ll work with you to make it happen, in the timeframe available, and make sure your event is supported with a website that does it justice. Afterwards, NR21.design could provide you stats about how it was used.

If you require a bespoke, customised website, a temporary pop-up event website, or a website redesign that doesn’t match these package options, please contact us [here] for a personalised quote.

Temporary Event Pop-Up Websites

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