Graphic Design & Illustration Services.

Graphic design is the creation of artwork, images & illustrations, which can be hand-drawn or digitally created for use in books, on websites, in marketing & advertising, or framed & put on display. Most of the work we do is digital and ends up online (website graphics & online adverts) or on printed marketing materials (press & magazines ads, brochures, catalogues & promotional items), but we create lots of artwork for publishers & design product packaging.

The goal of graphic designers has always been to capture your attention and visualise concepts and ideas to bring your imagination to life and make an emotional impact on the spectator. Working closely with our clients, we work hard to understand your target audience so we know which approach to take; freehand, digital, monotone, full colour, subtle & soft or bright and cheerful – be it corporate identity, logos & colour schemes or conceptual artwork.

NR21.design creates stunning visuals to meet any type of design brief. We enjoy creating fresh branding & corporate identity suites with brand guidelines for exciting new businesses, or rebranding of existing company images. Our advertising campaigns captivate with marketing materials that enhance brand recognition. We design products that stand out on the shelf, with sales & marketing packs providing a competitive edge. We are modern artists.

Graphic Design

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