Food Menus & Product Brochures

Menus and brochures allow your customers to choose what they want at their own pace, and give you an opportunity to showcase your products and services, your own talents and specialities, in a relaxed, non-pushy way. This is a great opportunity to impress them with your attention to detail, but it is equally an opportunity to let yourself down. Your design and layout can make this a fun, pleasurable experience, or one that your customers won’t enjoy.

The main aim here is to create something that makes it easier for your customers to decide what they want, while making it easier for them to make additional purchases which  will compliment their choice while improving your revenue-per-customer results. An intelligent, well designed, clear layout with logical product placement, and text with imagery that shows you in the best possible light, is what makes the difference between good and great sales.

Menus and brochures are traditionally paper (or card) based, and can be laminated with a matt or gloss finish for a nice wipe-clean, reusable sales tool. Some are designed to be disposable. However, nowadays you can impress your customers by sending them to a digital version on their smartphone, which helps to save the planet’s trees while also giving you more freedom to update your special offers and add or remove available items from it.

NR21.design creates menus & brochures that are professionally printed, or we can produce designs that you can print in-house as-and-when you need more. We can create digital designs that are accessed via a QR code or directly through a web address, or we can create digital versions to go on large screens around your premises. We can advise on the best materials to use in any situations, and take you from design concept through to print.

Food Menus & Product Brochures

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Menu & Brochures

50 £26
100 £29
250 £35
500 £56
1000 £82
2000 £134
2500 £146

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