Point-of-Sale & Signage Designs

Imagine your perfect shopping experience: Everything you could need at your fingertips, everything easy to find, with everything priced up and labelled clearly. You notice special offers to help you get a deal, and the tills are a suggestive, enticing experience where you’re persuaded to spend slightly more while approaching the front of the till queue. Bored? No;  this is an exciting place to be, and you feel good about spending money here. And lots of it!

Point-of-sale is more than counter-top A-cards and branded receipts. Signage is more than having your logo atop your shop entrance. POS and signs are more than mere opportunities to be noticed by passers-by – they are opportunities to show customers that you are there for them; opportunities to show customers what you believe in; opportunities to make them feel valued, welcomed, understood and cared for. From shop-front to changing room to till point.

What do you want customers to think about you and your business? You obviously want their money, and might not care much about what they think of you, but you need them to feel valued, comfortable and relaxed if they’re going to part with their hard-earned money. They need to feel you are respectful. They need to feel like they are buying from someone who is reputable and trustworthy. Most of all, they need to feel good about themselves & cared for.

NR21.design takes your situation, location, target demographic and corporate identity into account when working on your point-of-sale and signage requirements. We view you from your own customer’s perspective when finding solutions for your business, as they’re the people that this should appeal to. Your POS and signs should engage your customers in ways that encourage them to spend money with you while they’re shopping. That’s the goal.

We design the following as part of a full POS and Signage Package, or individually:

We offer a full POS and Signage Package for £1,500 (£1,250+VAT).

We charge £42/hr (£35/hr+VAT) for individual items or amendments.

Point-of-Sale & Signage Designs

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