Promotional Product Designs

When you’ve got a new business, a new product, a special offer or a seasonal promotion, you need to promote it and encourage people to buy it. People need to know it exists. Promotional marketing products are items that you can use to increase awareness of new products and offers available from you. There are things you use on promotional stalls, things you give away in the street, at carnivals and events, or to customers with a purchase.

Promotional items need to draw people’s attention, attract their focus, and demonstrate very clearly and quickly what message you are trying to get across. If these promotional products are useful items that you can give away to a potential client, they can act as longer term marketing tools to give your brand top-of-mind awareness, increasing your chances of doing future business with these potential customers. This is where creativity is important.

NR21.design creativity knows no bounds, but we understand that companies have limited budgets, so real space rockets and free car giveaways might sound cool, but no. Luckily for you we’re experienced in creating designs for promotional marketing campaigns that are budget friendly, and do the job of raising awareness for your service, your brand and product lines. There are two sides to get right – promotional advertising, and promotional giveaways.

Promotional advertising is drawing attention to your premises, or a physical location, where you’re fighting for attention in a crowded space like a fayre or market. This utilises promo banners, flyers, posters, flag poles, display stands and bunting. Promotional giveaways utilise promotional items like pens, hats, caps, mugs and flags to put brand-in-hand and encourage people to carry your marketing messages around with them, and take home.

Promotional Product Designs

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