Website Redesign & Update Service

We all get old and tired, and slow down a bit in later life. Your website is no different. What looked good in our youth makes kids cringe these days. Your website is no different. All technology changes, it moves on, leaving people behind. Your web… you get it. However, websites are different to us – they can be updated and made more attractive, modernised with the latest techniques, and fixed to make them quicker. But sadly it only works on them.

The goal of graphic designers has always been to capture your attention and visualise concepts and ideas to bring your imagination to life and make an emotional impact on the spectator. Working closely with our clients, we work hard to understand your target audience so we know which approach to take; freehand, digital, monotone, full colour, subtle & soft or bright and cheerful – be it corporate identity, logos & colour schemes or conceptual artwork.

Your website is a reflection of you in the eyes of your customers, so a slow-to-respond, old and tired website makes you look past your best, like a dinosaur. An old website gives your competitors the advantage and lets them steal your potential customers. You might offer a better service, superior products and better prices, but if your website lets you down, you are literally giving business away. We can freshen up your website giving it a new lease of life.

We can upgrade your user experience (UX) and modernise your user interface (UI) with attractive, innovative coding solutions to make your website competitive again. We can make sure it is multi-device responsive, update your navigation options and supercharge your enquiry forms and call-to-action buttons, with fresh HTML, CSS and if necessary Javascript solutions that all add up to a smoother, more attractive and reliable version of you(r website).

If you need to rejoin the race for customers after being left behind, or your website hasn’t kept pace with the changes you’ve been making to your physical business structure, we can help. We’ll work with you to swap out the old and bring in the new. We’ll add fresh imagery, better pages, and write search engine optimised (SEO) content for better search engine results. Looking for more enquiries through your online platform? You need NR21.design.

If you require a bespoke, customised website, a temporary pop-up event website, or a website redesign that doesn’t match these package options, please contact us [here] for a personalised quote.

Website Redesign & Update Service

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