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Search engine optimised content (SEO) is the most important part of any online marketing strategy, as this is the art of making sure that both humans and algorithms enjoy looking through your website. Your written content must be engaging and relevant, be easy to understand, be logical and well structured. Your image content must be relevant, tagged correctly, and lightweight so that it is quicker to load on WiFi & mobile networks. SEO ticked.

There are two main ways of being found online – organically through search engine results or through paid listings at the top of search engines – but either way: when you get a visitor, you need to give them reasons to stay a while, look around and learn about you, giving them time to decide whether or not you deserve their money. If you can’t keep them engaged, or if they cannot easily find what they’re looking for, then you’ve wasted precious time & money.

Your website’s organic search engine ranking is important because you don’t want to be listed on page two of Google, Bing or anything else people are using to look for products and services online. You need to be on page one if you want any chance of competing with your nemesis. Good SEO will make sure that search engines value your content and show it to consumers searching for things you offer, or answer questions using your website to answer.

Paid search, or Pay Per Click advertising (PPC), can ensure your website shows at the top of search engine results. You basically bid on keywords and phrases against other people’s websites. NR21.design can improve on this already cost-effective marketing. Websites that are modern, responsive and already have a good organic ranking with top-notch SEO, will easily outperform competitors organically while performing better in paid search engine results too.

Website Content & SEO Service

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Web Content & SEO

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