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Choosing a web address, aka website domain name, aka URL, is an important day. For a start, it would be useful if it fits onto your new business cards. But seriously, choosing a domain name is a key part of your branding and corporate identity. It is going to be the most commonly used part of your branding. So it has to be something that matches your company name or at least holds some relevance to what products, services and/or location you are in.

Your website might be digital, but it still needs somewhere to live. It does need someone to look after it and make sure it is working properly, but to work properly it needs to have a home, be powered and connected to the internet. It needs to be switched on and ready for customers all day, every day, without a break or holiday. This kind of always-on computing needs to be cared for and maintained, and you can’t exactly host a website on normal PCs.

NR21.design builds websites. We love dev work. But if you just need help with a domain name or web hosting we’re more than happy to help. We can help you choose a domain, and register it, then renew it every year that you still want to use it. We can arrange SSL Certificates for your web domain so that you get the padlock trustmark next to your domain. We also host 100+ websites for clients looking for secure and reliable hosting solutions.

We’re so good at our job that we can also create proper professional email addresses for your business using your web domain, so you don’t have to be embarrassed giving out business cards with youcantrustme@yahoo on them anymore. We might build your website for you, we might not. But we can still help you find and register web domains, set-up Secure Sockets Layer certificates (SSL), securely & reliably host your site, and manage your emails.

Web Hosting & Domains

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