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Website design and website development go hand-in-hand, covering the two halves of how websites are produced. Web designers work with clients to establish the look and feel of the website’s appearance, while the web developers work with clients to establish what exact functionality is required and how it will interact with the end-user to produce results. Devs & designers team-up to build platforms that look attractive & complete their original purpose.

In 2002 there were 3 Million websites, the average person spent 46 minutes online each day, and an MP3 download took 12 minutes. By 2012 there were 555 Million websites online, and consumers were online for 4 hours daily, while MP3s took 18 seconds to download. We then reached 1 Billion websites in 2014, by which time consumers were spending 6 hours of their average day online, and it only took 4 seconds to download their favourite MP3 music track.

91% of buyers go to your competitor if your website is slow or doesn’t work well on mobile. Websites are now more important than ever; there is a digital revolution happening around us and the digital age brings accelerated change. The power was with the company, but now the power is firmly with the customer, with people being easily influenced, not very loyal, and changing their mind throughout their consideration process leading to a purchase decision.

You can go without a showroom these days but if you’re not online, or your website is poor, you’re creating your own barriers. We are expert web designers & developers who make mobile-friendly and engaging online experiences with reliable website hosting. NR21.design are experts in search engine optimised content (SEO), designing & building sites to generate enquiries that you can convert into sales and e-commerce platforms for easy online sales.

Web Development

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