Complete Website Development

Got an idea for a full-on website? No problem: we’ll design & build it. Not sure how many pages you’ll need? Don’t worry: we’ll work with you to understand your needs and plan it all out. On a budget and need something quickly? We’ve got some set Website Packages for you to choose from. Whatever your new website needs to be, we’ll design it with you and your customers in mind, involving you throughout, then build it, publish it, and look after it.

We take care of everything from choosing appropriate web domains and setting up your professional email addresses to reliable web hosting. No more bobthebuilder@btinternet on the business cards. Nope. We’ll make sure that your bespoke website and everything about it makes you look proper and professional. We’ll even make sure you’ve got one of those padlock symbols next to your web address when people visit it with SSL certificate security.

Search engine optimised content (SEO) is a must if you want to show up in search results online, so this is an area we work hard on to ensure you have the best ranking in search engines. Making sure your wording is relevant, engaging and well written takes time and research, which means you need to be heavily involved in your own website creation, but we know how to interrogate you; “we have ways of making you talk”. Imagery is also important.

NR21.design can create artwork, take professional photography, licence existing imagery by freelancers on the web or use imagery you can provide to us. We’ll make sure your pictures, diagrams and photos are optimised for use online and make sure it all displays properly on different devices, from the humble smartphone screen to extra large PC monitors. All of this love, care and attention goes into web development to ensure your customers love using it.

Complete Website Development

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